The Magical Craft Box | 24 Color Premium Air Dry Modeling Clays

6 cups of color mixing, and professional-grade modeling clays. Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-cracky, and ultra-elastic texture. Stays fresh for over a year in its food-grade sealed cup even after using.  Color mixable, paintable, and reusable air-dry modeling clays. Food-grade FDA approved sealed cups.

Each cup includes 4 different colors and represents a specific model. Rainbow Unicorn, Fairy House, The Legendary Magic Wand, and many more!  All taught step by step with the printed teaching booklet. A set of tools and accessories including key-chains, rings, wiggle eyes and modeling pens will help your children explore their imagination and design their own gifts. 

  1. 6 cups of air-dry modeling clays
  2. Printed Tutorial Booklet
  3. Modeling Pens
  4. Keychains
  5. Rings
  6. Wiggle Eyes

24 Months Proven Shelf Life!

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