Pocket Latte Bars

A cup of coffee easily accessible any time I want? Sign me up! That's right - these gluten free, cholesterol free bars are equivalent to one cup of coffee. Easily fitting in your pocket, purse, gym bag, or desk drawer you can keep your favorite pick me up nearby all the time! 

Cream & Sugar - Our “Cream + Sugar” flavor combines everything you love about coffee, while keeping a silky smooth finish on your taste buds.

Dark Roast - Our “Dark Roast” flavor has the deep and rich essence of true coffee, mixed with crunchy bits of 100% organic coffee beans. This recipe packs the caffeine kick that’s sure to get you through the day.

Hazelnut - Light coffee taste with a soothing hazelnut scent, blended with chunks of roasted hazelnuts for a perfect balance.

Lavender Vanilla - French vanilla coffee softened with organic lavender flowers and mixed with crunchy bits of light coffee beans.