Long For You - Judy Blue Mid Rise Double Cuff Boyfriend Jean

Ladies looking for a longer inseam... stop right here! This medium washed, double rolled, raw hem boyfriend jean by Judy Blue comes in at a glorious 34" inseam unrolled, or wear it double rolled as it comes for that still generous 30" inseam. These are amazing. A great wash, super comfortable and stretchy, and minimal distressing for a cleaner look. Don't miss these.

Fit: Sizes 0-15: If you wear your weight in your midsection and want a relaxed fit, stick true to size but if you want a more locked fit, size down 1.  If you have a smaller waist, size down 1 for a relaxed fit or size down 2 for a locked fit.

Sizes 14W-24W: Stick true to size.  If you have a smaller waist, you can size down 1 for a very locked fit.

If you’re new to Judy Blue odd sizing, take your even size and subtract 1 (example: true to size 6 would be 5). If you are between two even sizes then take the odd number in the middle (example: a size 8/10 would be a 9). 

Material: 66% Cotton 21% Polyester 11% Rayon 2% Spandex 

Regular Rise: 9"

Regular Inseam: 34" unrolled 30" rolled 

Plus Rise:11"

Plus Inseam: 34" unrolled 30" rolled

Model Stats: 

Molly, 5'3", true size 3, wears size 0 

Joanna, 5’3”, true size 5, wears size 0 for a L& L fit

Monica, 5'1", true size 1, wears size 0

Melissa, 5'2", true size 7, wears size 3 for a L& L fit

Jullie, 5'1", true size 5, wears size 0 for a L& L fit

Layla, 5'9", true size 7, wears size 1, can do a 3 for a more relaxed fit. 

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