Garden Party - Judy Blue Flower Print Shorts

Material: 98% Cotton 2% Spandex

 TTS S 0-3 M 5-7 L 9-11 XL 13-15 1XL 14w-16w 2XL 18w 3XL 20w

If you’re new to Judy Blue odd sizing, take your even size and subtract 1 (example: true to size 6 would be 5). If you are between two even sizes then take the odd number in the middle (example: a size 8/10 would be a 9). 

Regular Rise: (S) 9"

Regular Inseam: (S) 4"

Plus Rise: (1XL)12"

Plus Inseam: (1XL)5"

Model Stats: 

Molly, 5'3", true size 3, wears size Small

Joanna, 5’3”, true size 9, wears size Medium 

Monica, 5'1", true size 1, wears size Small

Melissa, 5'2", true size 11, wears size Large

Gena, 5'7", true size 16W, wears size 2XL

Layla, 5'10", true size 9, wears size Medium

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