Shredded Sails - Judy Blue Destroyed Hem Bleach Splash Boyfriend Jeans

This mid rise, light wash, bleach splattered boyfriend jean is hitting all the marks. Comfortable, cute, and easy to wear, you really can't ask for a better pair of jeans. 

Fit: Sizes 0-15: Everyone can size down 1! If you have a smaller waist, size down 2 for a more locked fit.

Sizes 14W-24W: Stick true to size.  If you have a smaller waist, you can size down 1 for a more locked fit.

If you’re new to Judy Blue odd sizing, take your even size and subtract 1 (example: true to size 6 would be 5). If you are between two even sizes then take the odd number in the middle (example: a size 8/10 would be a 9). 

Material: 93%Cotton 6% Polyester 1% Spandex 

 Regular Rise: 9.25"

Regular Inseam: 28"

Plus Rise:  11" 

Plus Inseam: 28"

Molly, 5'3", true size 3, wears size 0

Joanna, 5’3”, true size 5, wears size 1 for a locked fit

Monica, 5'1", true size 1, wears size 0 

Melissa, 5'2", true size 7, wears size 3 

Jullie, 5'1", true size 5, wears size  1 

Layla, 5'9", true size 8, wears size 3, can do 1 for a L&L fit. 

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