Jilzarah Intention Bracelets

Strength and Protection - This bracelet is a conduit for Strength and Protection, but you give it focus and power through your thoughts.

Here are some inspirations for your Intention:

  • Be Strong in your daily life
  • Call for Strength through difficult times
  • Strength to work hard towards a goal
  • Lending your Strength to a loved one in need
  • Protection from danger
  • Protection for loved ones
  • Protection from negative influences on your life


Wisdom and Clarity - The infinite possibilities of life are both exciting and uncertain. Sometimes it can be so hard to know what to do and make sense of it all. This is why it’s so important to have Clarity to see things for how they are, and the Wisdom to know how to act. This bracelet is infused with these energies to help you center yourself and see your choices clearly.

 Here are some inspirations for your Intention:

  • Find your purpose
  • Make good decisions that bring positive change to your life
  • Finding calmness in times of stress and confusion
  • Finding Clarity in a relationship
  • Focus on your purpose if you feel you are drifting
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Seeing things clearly when feelings are strong
  • Help you stay grounded and centered
  • Trust in yourself and your experience

 Love and Grace -  For those who radiate both Love and Grace or who wish to bring more of it in their lives. Let this bracelet fill your heart with kindness and compassion.

 Here are some inspirations for your Intention:

  • Reminder to love yourself
  • Love for a particular special person
  • Charm to attract more Love to your life
  • Reminder to show Grace to others

Peace and Strength -  

Find your inner Peace and Serenity through the chaos and noise of day-to-day life.

 Here are some inspirations for your Intention:

  • Find your peace in stressful times
  • Help connect with your inner voice during prayer or meditation
  • Focus on a happy or special memory
  • Bring peace during times of conflict
  • Feel harmony with the world around you
  • Feel closer to nature and the beauty of life
  • Find renewal when feeling drained
  • Ward off stress and conflict
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