Good Vibrations Self Fray Shorts

These cute and easy pull on shorts by Easel make perfect shorts for running out and doing errands, going to the park or beach, or even lounging around the house when you want something a little more put together than loungewear. 



If you’re new to Judy Blue odd sizing, take your even size and subtract 1 (example: true to size 6 would be 5). If you are between two even sizes then take the odd number in the middle (example: a size 8/10 would be a 9). 

Fit: TTS 

Material: 100% Cotton 

Model Stats: 

Molly, 5'3", true size 3, wears size Small

Joanna, 5’3”, true size 7, wears size Medium

Melissa, 5'2", true size 9, wears size Large

Monica, 5'1", true size 1, wears size Small

Layla, 5'10", true size 8, wears size Medium


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