Candle Barn Co. Christmas Hearth

Fill your home with the scents of 

Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time. Infused with natural essential oils including, orange, cinnamon, clove, vetiver, and pine. Each soy candle comes with a vintage copper lid. 

Approx burn time 8oz: 40 hours, 16oz: 80 hours, Melts: 12 hrs per cube

Soy wax has numerous health and environmental benefits and produced right here in our neck of the woods. Buying Candle Barn soy candles helps support local farmers as well as local business owners. Plus, we do a happy dance with each order :)

Some Benefits:

  • Clean burning
  • Longer burn time
  • A renewable resource (soybeans)
  • 100% pure, NO additives
  • Biodegradable and easy to clean-up with soap and water
  • Free from pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified material.
  • Kosher Certified
  • Biodegradable
  • Sustainable
  • Not tested on animals 

Candle Barn Co is a family of four generations based in Charleston, IL who've been hand pouring soy candles since 2003. It's more than our's our passion.